Toca Juniors Football Club


Time to recycle all the kids old soccer gear and support the club!.

How to Order
Step 1:
If you want to support, send us an email now before the jerseys are out of stock. Please indicate quantity and size (Youth XS, S).

*All proceeds go directly toward the field fund.

Step 2:
Payment can be completed in three ways: Check, Venmo or Paypal.

****Please do not hand out payments to Coaches or Managers****

a) CHECK: $15
Payable to "TOCA JUNIORS FC" and mail to: 2100 Langston Blvd. #137, Arlington, VA, 22201 , USA *(please ADD Full Name of your daughter/son)

b) VENMO: $15.30 (note additional paypal charge 1,9%)
Payable to @tocajuniors - Business account - (please make sure to include a detailed description of the transaction and make it private)

c) PAYPAL: $15.44 (note additional paypal charge 2,9%)
Paypal accepts all mayor credit cards. Note, it is not necessary to hold a Paypal account to complete the payment. Just click on "don't have a PayPal account?" to proceed without an account.

Step 3:

Once the steps 1 & 2 are complete families will receive an email to process the pick up system.