Happy Holidays
 Happy Holidays


There will be 295 days between March 5th, when we had our first Covid-19 case in Maryland, and Christmas Day. 295 days where we have seen our small community of families, friends and Toca players embrace our best. We have been blessed by your unprecedented support, your willingness to belong and your desire to develop our own Club.

As the year was full of Pandemic news we were full of player’s joy behind every single mask hiding your smile but showing your bright eyes enjoying soccer and reading the game.

While we wish we could turn the clock back and avoid the pandemic, time is leading us forward and our teams and Club will do the same because the future is better, brighter and bigger with everyone together.

We hope you all agree that by staying socially distanced but closer in team spirit we made this a better year. We believe that together we can keep growing our Toca Club from Minis to Troupers, from elementary school to adult players in 2021. Let’s continue our “Toca Time Machine” where Alumni players become coaches and Minis play together until Over 50’s....

Play simple, the future is bright and better together!!!

2021 has 365 Days and hopefully all with Toca players around us.

Best wishes for the Holidays and a great start to 2021.