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BeSTEM! by TOCA Player
Inspired Learning Through Immersive ducation
We are proud to share a summer camp organized by a long time Toca player, Jurgen Tabaku. We strongly believe this camp is a great opportunity for your children.
We are promoting this non-soccer opportunity because we believe that smarter children are smarter soccer players and help build the Toca community. The program Director and his family have been involved in Toca for more than a decade and they are still playing soccer with Toca! You all know we encourage education, family, friends, long term relationships and local events for our families. This STEM camp not only has all of these but also promises to be a lot of fun and intellectually challenging!!!
Jurgen and his staff will be at Norwood School "Rales Gym" (8821 River Road, Bethesda, MD 20817) this Saturday February 23rd from 3-3:30 pm with some of their robots and cool gadgets for a meet-and-greet and to learn more about this unique Summer Camp..
We will have a raffle to win a 50% discount for 3 different families who register before March 31st to show our Toca support. Jurgen is generously offering an additional 10% discount to all Toca families and their friends. Please use and share the discount code below.
LATOCA - This is the coupon code for 10% off any week of camp for Toca friends and families. to register. See attached flyer for more details..
Even if you cannot take part we encourage you to show your kids what our Toca alumni and community created, so they can picture themselves and their soccer teammates leading amazing camps and doing cool work like Jurgen in the near future... .
BeSTEM! offers campers a new STEM learning experience based on how real engineers approach and solve problems. Campers will have the opportunity to learn advanced topics in mathematics, drones, and robotics. In a friendly, safe and fun atmosphere, students will experience a week of authentic, immersive hands-on learning.
BeSTEM! campers are placed at the center of a challenging real-world problem and have to work their way out through a combination of theory, application and ingenuity. In the process, they develop new friendships and interpersonal skills as they work together on teams to meet the challenge. Campers work on projects designed by real engineers.